Ramsay Property Group is a privately owned Australian property development and investment company.

Ramsay Property Group acquires and invests directly in real estate transactions. It undertakes and oversees the delivery of its investments from all aspects including structuring, financing, planning, development and project management and marketing as well as undertaking select advisory roles.

The principals and directors of Ramsay Property Group have extensive experience in
all sectors of property development and investment. Projects have ranged from $5m to $200m in major metropolitan cities and primary regional areas across Australia.
The group and its directors have undertaken small and large property projects ranging from residential apartments and detached housing to commercial, industrial, office
and retail as well as retirement and aged care facilities.

Ramsay Property Group’s board members are Michael Siddle, Tom Illy, Flavio Roncolato and Marco Roncolato. Marco and Flavio are the operational directors with the day-to-day responsibility of the business.